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Złotów’s Bus to School!

24 October 2022

Złotów organizes bus transport for students from Primary School No. 2 and 3. This is a response to the demands of residents who had a huge problem to find a free parking space at these schools.

“Last year, we still collected declarations from parents themselves. More than 70 children have been declared to use transport on fixed routes. This is a pilot. We react on an ongoing basis to suggestions, new stopping places, or a different course of the route, but I encourage parents to consider walking their child to the bus stop, and not to take them to school. This will affect safety, because there will not be – hopefully – traffic jams to such an extent in the city. This will give us a lot of information whether to develop this program or carry it out further, but also a lot of answers to the question of how to develop public transport in Złotów in the future - says Mayor Adam Pulit.