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Why have sensors appeared in different places in the city?

06 April 2023

On April 4, 2023, a working meeting was held with representatives of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, which conducts climate research in the city as part of the

"Złotów. Wielkopolskie Zdroje" project.

What is their task in various places in the cit?

They placed apparatus to carry out meteorological measurements, carry out measurements of noise intensity, electromagnetic fields and air quality.

Why are we doing this?

The research will answer the question of whether the conditions prevailing in Złotów will allow obtaining a certificate confirming the healing properties of the climate - a document that allows you to apply for the status of a health resort protection area or health resort.

The task is financed under the project "Złotów. Wielkopolskie Zdroje" financed from the Norway Funds.