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We use modern technologies in city management!

04 March 2024

Dear residents, A review of roads in the city is underway. We use modern technologies in city management! Field measurements of municipal roads began in the city, related to road records and periodic - annual inspection of their technical condition. A Toyota Hilux test car will be driving on the city roads; PN77674. Road measurements are performed by Lehmann+Partner Polska, 62-500 Konin, ul. Marii Dąbrowska 8. As part of the Norwegian Funds, we have purchased and are implementing a road infrastructure management system. Project co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the state budget under the Local Development Program - project titled "Złotów. "Wielkopolskie Zdroje" Together we develop Złotów! Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy Norwegian and EEA Funds