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Visit of guests from Elverum

22 June 2023

On June 12-15, 2023, we hosted a six-person delegation from Elverum (Norway) in Złotów.

As part of the project Złotów. Wielkopolskie Zdroje, financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the State budget, we have a great place to exchange experiences with representatives of the city of Elverum.

During this meeting, we on the exchange of experiences in the field of tourism and the activities of non-governmental organizations. We have a lot in common, we face similar problems and find similar solutions.

On the occasion we explored Złotów, we played Disc Golf, then we churned butter during culinary research.

During the farewell bonfire, the time was made more pleasant by the scouts from Złotów.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the visit. Also we thank our guest for the visit. See in Norway!