Today, July 9, 2021, the results of the "Local Development" competition from the Norway Grants were announced. Out of 54 cities that qualified for the second stage, 29 received grants. Złotów, which thanks to the PLN 15.5 million grant will make a giant developmental step, is included in this noble group. Due to the fact that the granted amount of subsidy is lower than the one Złotów applied for, it is not known at the moment which specific tasks will be financed. It is worth emphasizing that in the application the town declared the realization of 37 developmental activities, improving the infrastructure in Złotów, enabling the development of entrepreneurship and the spa functions of the town, taking care of the natural environment or providing the inhabitants with new forms of active leisure. All these activities are to build the vision of "Złotów. Wielkopolskie Zdroje", i.e. a town comfortable to live in and neutral to the climate, providing healthy, modern and safe conditions for work and development to all its inhabitants.

- This is a breakthrough moment for Złotów, as the city has never before received such a high subsidy for multi-faceted development, says Adam Pulit, the mayor of Złotów. - I am extremely happy about the received grant and the possibility to plan new investments, but what I am most proud of is the fact that during the preparation of the grant application we created a vision of Złotów development for the next 10 years. I say created, because in the process of developing the diagnosis of the city needs the citizens were actively involved - we met with them, took part in surveys, focus groups, individual and group interviews. In the consultation process, the modern vision of the city was approved by 2925 people, i.e. 22% of all residents. During the consultations we received a record number of 684 ideas of Złotów residents for various undertakings that would fit into the local development program. In the submitted application we described 37 proposals and some of them will be implemented thanks to the received funding. I am glad that together we have worked out a coherent and comprehensive vision of Złotów development which will provide the best conditions for our children and grandchildren to live in the town. It's a vision for the next generations, the fruits of our today's efforts will be reaped by the young citizens of Złotów," emphasized Złotów Mayor Adam Pulit.

The process of gaining the gigantic support began back in 2019 - Złotów, as one of 255 cities losing their socio-economic functions, could apply for the funding. The city then created a general development concept and qualified for the second stage of the competition, fighting for the grant among 54 cities. In January 2020, the complicated process of diagnosing the needs of the inhabitants and preparing the application began, which was submitted in October.-

Thanks to the obtained funding we will realize investments which are extremely necessary for the city. Both young and old inhabitants of Złotów will benefit from them. - Adam Pulit, mayor of Złotów, assures - All these activities are to lead to the implementation of our common vision: "Złotów. Wielkopolskie Zdroje - climate-neutral health and active recreation center. A city of clean lakes and greenery, attractive to live, study and work". If we take Złotów as a metaphor for a boat, we have just reached an island with provisions. We have not only a favorable wind but also a large sail, with which the whole crew - all the inhabitants of Złotów - can safely sail towards a better concept of Złotów, all the time expanding and improving the equipment of the boat," adds Adam Pulit.

Detailed information on the realization of the subsidy projects and the date of signing the subsidy agreement will be provided immediately.


In the overall ranking, Złotów was in the top 10!


09 July 2021

PLN 15.5 million for Złotów - a historic grant will become a driving force  for the town's development



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