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Plan your future consciously!

14 April 2023

On April 13, 2023, Adam Pulit - Mayor of Złotów signed a contract with Mrs. Justyna Zabel, the owner of the company Instytut Szkoleniowo-Doradczy "Job Career Center" from Złotów, for the implementation of the task entitled "Individual and group consultations with a career counselor for primary school students (grade 7 and 8 from the city of Złotów)" financed from the Norwegian Funds.

The consultation program aims to: supporting students in the process of making informed educational and professional decisions, diagnosing professional predispositions of students, preparing and supporting students for responsible career planning, preparing students to effectively take action on the labor market.

Today we invite young people from primary schools from classes 7 and 8 to contact their career advisors in schools.

This is your chance! Plan your future consciously!