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How Norwegian Funds influenced the development of Złotów - summary of 2022

05 January 2023

This year, we started activities within the project, funds were allocated and specific tasks were included in the budget.

Despite the difficulties related to the delayed adoption of the budget, but also the war in Ukraine, the slowdown of the economy and inflation, we completed a number of tasks.

The obtained funds bring us closer to the goal of making Złotów a health resort commune, by, among others, exploration of medicinal raw materials and climate research.

Investments in infrastructure:

- commissioning the preparation of technical documentation, e.g. construction of a pitch with artificial turf, a camping site, construction of water supply, sewage and energy networks, roads and lighting for 36 ha of investment areas

- commencement of works in a building intended for non-governmental organizations and a multi-care centre

Investing in people:

- activation and integration of entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations

- career counseling for young people

- transport for students and seniors

- audit of architectural accessibility of public facilities