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Development Council and Key Specialist Team ready for action!

07 April 2022

On April 7 this year took place the inaugural meeting of two teams appointed in connection with the implementation of the project "Złotów. Wielkopolskie Zdroje" project, i.e. the Development Council and the Team of Key Specialists.

Numerous representatives of local public institutions, entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations, after a brief introduction and update on the project, got down to work and shared their ideas on the topic:

➡ places where accessibility audits should be conducted,

➡ planned scope of activities of the Career Office,

➡ planned scope of activities of the Activity and Entrepreneurship Support Center,

➡ forms of activities planned to be carried out as part of the "Senior Coach" project.

Both teams will be actively involved in the implementation of the entire project and will play an advisory role in many issues.

Once again, we would like to thank the numerous participants for devoting their time. We look forward to fruitful cooperation.

All the activities are realized within the project called Złotów. Wielkopolskie Zdroje financed by the Norway Grants and the state budget.